Timely, in-depth and independent research to support media investment decisions

The Premium Content Alliance works with esteemed academics and respected researchers to deliver research that helps to inform pivotal marketing-based business decisions.

The Benchmark Series

While some advertising platforms may seem more cost-effective, are they actually delivering on the metrics that matter? The Benchmark Series shows you how to make the most of your media spend to drive business growth.

Leading academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field, a Professor of Media Innovation at The University of Adelaide, conducted The Benchmark Series, an independent, large-scale in-home study that explores how Australians really engage with advertising across different platforms and devices.

Utilising bespoke technology that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, more than 5,000 Australians were observed viewing more than 25,000 advertisements for 60,000 different brands.

Using eye-tracking software on people’s own devices – TV, PC or mobile phone – the study determined which ads people were looking at. After they saw the ads, survey participants were funnelled through a discrete choice modelling exercise that replicated the experience of being in a store. The research used the well-established metric of short-term advertising strength or STAS.

Five tranches of the Benchmark research have now been conducted:

  • Viewability
  • Emotions and Advertising
  • Video Advertising on Mobile
  • Memory Decay
  • Cross-Screen Effects

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AdTrust Study

With print newspapers generating a net trust score of 27% and news websites close behind at 21%, according to the 2019 AdTrust study, news brands are Australia’s most trusted media channel.

Conducted by Ipsos, the study gauged the opinions of more than 2,500 Australians and found ads and content in social media channels suffer from a severe trust deficit.

The research confirms advertising in news media is the most trusted form of advertising. That’s because the trust and reliance readers place on the premium, professionally produced content in news brands (both print and digital) has a hallow effect on advertising within the medium. In fact, 48% of those surveyed said trust in content increases the trust in the associated advertising. And 48% say trust in ads is more likely to get them to reach for their wallets.

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Maximising Payback

Ebiquity’s advice for FMCG, Finance and Automotive sectors is to increase the average percentage of media budgets allocated to TV.

A $1 million study by leading independent marketing analytics consultancy Ebiquity found that companies in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Automotive and Finance sectors would significantly improve their return on advertising investment (ROI) by moving more of their media budgets to TV.

  • FMCG brands should up TV spend from 78% to 90%
  • Auto brands need to increase TV spend from 53% to 75%
  • Finance brands would do well to increase TV spend from 33% to 60%

Ebiquity recommended e-commerce clients reduce average TV allocation from 55% to 20%. The three e-commerce businesses used for the study lacked a physical shop-front and therefore relied heavily on search as the dominant platform with TV playing a supporting role.

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Timely, in-depth and independent research to support media investment decisions
Timely, in-depth and independent research to support media investment decisions

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The intel you need to make the decisions that matter most
The intel you need to make the decisions that matter most

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Go deeper to better inform your media selection
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