Premium & Preferred

How can premium content help your business to accelerate growth?

Great marketing has the power to generate profitable relationships with customers and prospects. The key to achieving profit is choosing the right media channels. Investing in premium content delivers unparalleled economic and brand-building benefits.

What is premium content?

When it comes to media investment, not all channels are created equal. In today’s ever-expanding media landscape, premium media stands apart from the rest. That’s because it is founded on professionally produced content, created by Australians for Australians. Backed by the regulatory controls, independent measurement and transparent business practices you’d expect from proven media, all this guarantees a trusted, effective, safe haven for brands.

Why use premium content?

Independent research proves the effectiveness of premium, professionally produced content to attract, engage and change the behaviour of consumers, all while offering unique benefits that other channels simply cannot match such as short and long-term growth.

With the plethora of channels available to businesses today, it’s important to make the distinction between channels that offer the trappings of premium content – measurable effectiveness, professionally produced content, regulation and brand-safe environments – and those that don’t.

Our mission

The Premium Content Alliance was formed by Australian media owners to support Australian companies and help them understand how to best use premium content to grow their reputations, customers and businesses. The organisation does this through independent research that demonstrates the value of professionally produced content and its ability to deliver positive outcomes for businesses.

Formed by Australia’s leading premium content creation companies – Foxtel Group, Foxtel Media, Network 10, News Corp Australia, Nine and Seven West Media – the Alliance reaches four out of five adult Australians every week.

We recognise that today’s marketing efforts must draw on multiple channels and so the Alliance provides clear evidence and guidelines for how to best optimise media investment to deliver longer and stronger business impacts.

The Premium Content Alliance shares how to best accomplish this through its three operating businesses: ThinkTV, ThinkPremiumDigital and ThinkNewsBrands. Together, the Premium Content Alliance and its three arms inform and inspire businesses as they look to partner with media channels to capitalise on new growth opportunities.

ThinkTV demonstrates how advertising in broadcast-quality content environments provides the greatest return on investment. It does this by championing the power of TV advertising on any device, through research, education and industry development.

ThinkPremiumDigitial promotes the true value of advertising in Australian premium digital content. The organisation proves the business benefits of utilising premium video, display and native environments and demonstrates that premium digital delivers larger business benefits than global digital platforms.

More Australians than ever before rely on news brands each day. This provides advertisers with more ways to reach and engage Australian consumers in trusted, accountable environments. ThinkNewsBrands promotes news brands – across print and digital – as an effective channel to create growth for businesses.